Sustainable Water Management International SWMI
Sustainable Water Management International SWMI Sustainable Water Management International SWMI
How can you as an investor share in SWMI’s success?
Investment with SWMI means investing in the core business of water and waste water service operators, their infrastructure.
The water utilities operate in principle as monopolists within a low-risk environment where  crisis resistant demand and long-term plannability are the main characteristics.
SWMI obtains financial resources first and foremost for the acquisition of the water infrastructure  for the purpose of a long-term operation as well as the exploitation of unused efficiency potentials.
SWMI takes action in the areas where the  maximum potential for efficiency improvements can be found.
Therefore the Investment with  SWMI is always object or project related  and so are the yields.
Variant 1 (long-term commitment):
You become a silent partner of the infrastructure management company of a particular water utility and will participate in the profit generated through efficiency improvements.
Variant 2 (middle-term commitment):
You take part in financing a designated modernization or enlargement project of a particular water utility’s infrastructure and will  participate in the profit generated hereby through efficiency improvements.
The SWMI management and investment concept follows the principle of risk avoidance and risk minimization, maintenance and effective increase of values.
  1. Investment in the water sector, known as crisis-proof and long-term plannable
  2. The acquisition of the infrastructure components secures the return-of-invest even in worst-case scenarios.
  3. Possible country-risks in the foreign business are adequately considered by market-specific means from the beginning.
  4. Quality, profitability and sustainability as major principles of the SWMI management concept guarantee long-term, stable customer relations and secure yields.
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Sustainable Management
- An excursus -
Sustainable Management - what does it mean in fact?
A catchword you can read and hear in many places but rarely accompanied by any further explanation or definition?
Sometimes this phrase is used where some energy has been conserved or has been acquired from specific sources, in other occasions when contamination has been slightly reduced or toxins become deposited more safely.
There are also some technologies called sustainable for replacing  an exhausting resource by another one. The “clean” nuclear power has been among those technologies for a time.
You can hear about sustainability too, wherever one of the many symptoms of poverty and inequality is addressed. Of course it is used whenever promises of a great deal better and more beautiful future are made.
We cannot forget those sustainability balances focused on offsetting ecocide and destruction of values on the one hand and goodwill gestures on the other.
Is “sustainable management” just a marketing slogan, used sometimes as a justification, a fig leaf or to promote  niche products?
Quite the opposite in fact: Sustainable management is defined by the way resources are utilized, no matter whether they are natural, financial, personnel or intellectual resources.  The point is to limit the consumption of resources to a renewable degree.
Sustainable management means to control the consumption of resources appraising the entire long-term cost-benefit-relationship and meeting the objective not to compromise the company’s goals and performance capability in future periods but to strengthen them.
Therefor sustainable management is nothing else but integrated profitability and represents a rational, consequent, responsible and  risk-averse strategy on the way to the company’s long-term success.
What are the advantages of a sustainable management for the investor?
Investment opportunities are a dime a dozen  just as the people who try to convince you of the uniqueness of their respective product.
People with a great and winning smile, always ready to shake hands, promote investment opportunities at the world’s stock exchanges, even   making it difficult to catch up with the plenty of offers.  The leading principle is: Don’t worry about your money, we are going to  multiply it in a miraculous way. As soon as a new style arises dozens of fund companies courts the potential investors. Who cares how and where the  bubble bursts so long as someone else is the loser.
Another kind of smart guys always has the ultimate “insider’s tip” to hand.  Nobody than those advisors knows better the windings of the tax-saving schemes. All the same if it is a matter of loopholes, infrastructure leasing, mega-mergers or pyramid schemes,  what really counts is, that another one stands Sam.
Who wouldn’t like to benefit from the blessings of tomorrow? New tecnologies invite us to invest. Whether it is IT, solar power, genetic technology or a high-tech flying machine, a resourceful engineer who promises sovereignty on the future billion Euro  markets is always on the spot. Nevertheless even the one who misses those investment trends, might be the winner,  as the success of one technology variant always means a thousand others to flop.   Even some lotteries have better odds.
All those investment vehicles have one thing in common:
There is only little or no real value generated, but large assets and resources spent and sometimes irretrievably lost.  In other words: Those waters are fished down very soon. The treasure hunters move on and woe to the vanquished.
Sustainably managed companies offer an alternative, that ensures considerable advantages to the investor.
Maintenance and effective increase of values as corporate principles protect against a capital loss. The capital is always safeguarded by real values that can be transformed into liquid assets at any time. Instead of narrowing the business base becomes continuously broader as it isn’t virtual but substantive.
Earned Profits are then real profits and do not depend from any tempers of either financial markets, legislators or analysts. Whether you are facing a collapse of the stock markets, political turnarounds or even natural disasters, your investment is nowhere else as safe as with a sustainably managed company.
Investment with a sustainably managed company means to invest in a value creation chain that links environment, society, state and business.
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