Sustainable Water Management International SWMI
Sustainable Water Management International SWMI Sustainable Water Management International SWMI
An average of eighty percent of the costs of a water and waste water utility is originated by it’s infrastructure and independent from the transport volume. Therefore the infrastructure management not only plays a key part for every water utility, it is also decisive for its overall efficiency.
SWMI specializes in the long-term management of this core area.

SWMIs management concept follows the principles of maintenance and effective increase of value instead of simple cost-cutting and exploits unrealized potentials for efficiency.

SWMIs management concept turns the water and waste water infrastructure into an engine of the socioeconomic development ensuring the generation of a clear and quantifiable benefit.

On the basis of stable key partnerships with the service providers, manufacturers and suppliers elite, SWMI is able to choose the optimum - that means efficient and sustainable - combination  of services and products for operation, planning, management, maintenance, extension and repair of the infrastructure. Even the local water utilities become a SWMI service provider under that scheme.

How does SWMIs management concept differ from the other well-known PPP strategies in the water sector?                                          

  • For the public administration:
    • Detaining the increase in costs in the water sector
    • Improving the certainty for planning
  • For the water user:
    • Reducing the pressure to increase water fees
    • Optimum service security and quality
  • For the society and the environment:
    • Rational use of natural resources
    • Protection of the hydrological regime
  • For the investor:
    • Stable benefits
    • Risk reduction
For Water and waste water authorities
For service providers, manufacturers and suppliers
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