Sustainable Water Management International SWMI
Sustainable Water Management International SWMI Sustainable Water Management International SWMI

Principles of Sustainability

SWMI limits resource spending to a renewable or replaceable degree in order to avoid any  handicaps for the future operations and services.

Sustainability is unthinkable without profitability, long-term profitability can be guaranteed exclusively through sustainability.

Quality means profitability, long-term profitability implies sustainability, sustainability maximizes the benefit for the company and the society

Long-term profitability in the water and waste water sector requires a complete control over the infrastructure’s  life-cycle and cost-benefit relation .

Mission Statement

SWMI feels obliged to the environment as well as the economic and social needs of their staff and of society. Sustainability is an integral part both of the business culture and of the everyday activities,

and is based on the three pillars:

  • Profitability of all activities for securing and development of the company
  • Social Responsibility to staff, business partners and society
  • Environmental Responsibility to contribute to the ensuring of a moderate use of all     natural resources


The company's superior goal is to maintain and develop a permanent position on the respective markets – in the interest of owners and staff. This position can only be ensured through adequate profitability and therefore long-term economic success.

Of vital significance for SWMI are:

  • • the securing of a high level of customer satisfaction
  • maximum productivity as well as
  • staff commitment

to ensure and improve the company's profitability.

Each staff member should be able to play an active and deliberate part for these superior goals inside his or her own field of responsibility.

Social Responsibility

Human Rights

SWMI engages to respect the international human rights in their sphere of influence and to reject any kind of compulsory or child labour - also from business partners.

Staff Behaviour

All staff members on all hierarchical levels and all organisational areas are bound to the basic principle of mutual respect. Discrimination of any kind - due to national origin, colour of the skin, sex, religion, handicap, age, sexual orientation etc. - is in contradiction to the SWMI company culture.

All staff members engage not to accept or give any gifts that can lead to conflict of interests. Bribery or attempted bribery, active or passive, are not tolerated by SWMI.

Staff Management

SWMI accepts all staff members' right to an adequate remuneration. The observance of legal regulations and specifications on work hours goes without saying.

All staff members can speak freely of their concerns, formulate suggestions to improve the technical and administrative processes, safety at work and environmental and are entitled to have their suggestions examined and implemented after a positive evaluation.

Furthermore SWMI respects all staff members' right to freedom of association.

The continuous increase of safety at work is a declared goal, in order to reduce the work-related injuries and to prevent occupational diseases.

A scheduled, permanent qualification of staff members regarding professional, methodical and social matters is for SWMI a significant investment into the future, in order to be able to respond to the increasing and manifold requirements of the markets and the working environment.

Environmental Responsibility

For SWMI, environmental protection is a fundamental obligation on the way to reach the declared company goals, and for each staff member it is an essential aspect of his or her operative activities.

In this sense, the preservation of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources are not ends in themselves, but secure the company's future and the quality of life of future generations.

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